Skinny Dipping 2020

Director: Carla Roda

Writers: Norma NuñezSara Nuñez

Stars: Sara NuñezRoberto ManriqueGisella Aboumrad 


Isabel (Sara Nunez) and Chema (Roberto Manrique) are two lovers that have been married for 5 years. Isabel is an unsuccessful owner of a real estate firm, and Chema is a non- represented novel writer, struggling to sell his masterpiece. While living an unfulfilling life of work, their marriage starts to slowly deteriorate.


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Happy Birthday(2017)

Directed by Carla Roda
Writer: Carla Roda 
Genre: Drama

Laura tries to remember her childhood, but her memories do not let her reach the end. And every year she tries to reproduce everything she did before her parents died.

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A line Between(2017)

Directed by Vincent Ge
Writer: Vincent Ge
Genre: Drama


What would happen if a naive American medic, a battle-scarred American captain, and a long-serving Chinese commander meet on the frontline of a special war? What kind of unexpected ending could it produce?


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Directed by Nic Lewis
Writer: Nic Lewis

Genre: Drama

After a one-night stand, a young, pragmatic, Steven Shuster becomes the largest distributor of ecstasy in the US while still a sophomore in college under the nose of his unwitting professors advising him and his girlfriend as the FBI closes in on his illegal activities as his business grows nationwide through a complicated network of college students at every major college.


Manolita (2017)

Directed by Luc Maudle
Writer: Luc Maudle
Genre: Drama


In the early 60’s Manolita & Nicolas witness a motorcycle gang, the Rositas, breaks in, killing thier mom & dad. 17 years later, the kids have become a grown couple, training hard to take revenge on the murderers. Nicolas finds a way to infiltrate in the gang. He never knew his dad, is in love with Manolita while she uses him to get back at the killers. 


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Journey to the West(2016)

Directed by Anson Zhu
Writer: Anson Zhu
Genre: Drama


Rescuing a man who had been locked up for 500 years uncovers the human nature related lust, desire and ambitions.


Runner, Runner(2016)

Directed by Nic Lewis
Writer: Nic Lewis, Thomas Jensen
Genre: Drama


Two men, equalized by the chains that bind, run for their lives only to be turned in a direction that leaves only one man standing.


Prelude in E -Minor (2009)

Directed by Luca Escriva De Laurentiis
Writer: Luca Escriva De Laurentiis
Genre: Drama, Romance


Through the form of constrain we explore the idea of what its like to be debilitated, and the one true coping mechanism is the thought of who you used to be.