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Directed by  Kristen HilkertNelson Lee
Writers:  Peer GopfrichKristen Hilkert 
Genre: Sifi

Four filmmakers' award-winning, science fiction-based short stories about space travel, family, and artificial intelligence.

Walled In (2017)

Directed by David Morrison
Writers: Al Bernstein
Genre: Drama


What do you do if you find yourself in a moment where you possibly have a chance to save lives? 

What happens in the privacy of the Principal’s office reveals a dynamic realistic chess match between an educator and one of his students. 

The Principal and The Student walk a shaky tightrope between safety and horror in their last meeting.


Journey to the West (2016)

Directed by Anson Zhu
Writers: Anson Zhu
Genre: Drama


Rescuing a man who had been locked up for 500 years uncovers the human nature related lust, desire and ambitions.


Quarriers (2016)

Directed by Nils Taylor
Writers: Nils Taylor and Nicole Marie Johnson
Genre: Horror


A hiking expedition venturing out into the uncharted wilderness meets tragedy when a group of hunters selects them as prey.


Lights (2015)

Directed by Nils Taylor
Writer: Ray Fonseca
Genre: Sci-Fi


One year ago Lisa's boyfriend Kurt, the father of her infant child, went missing in the California Desert with five of his friends. There have been no leads, no theories and no explanation as to what happened to them. The only proof they were even there is footage found on a memory card recovered from Kurt's tent.

Downward Hiro (2015)

Directed by Bry Thomas Sanders
Writers: Kelly Perine and Marcy Woolard
Genre: Drama


A troubled man, on a downward spiral after a tragic family loss, gets a call in the middle of the night asking if he'll come back to work. After a vigorous workout, the only thing which will quiet his mind, he decides to accept the job and return to the world and work he abandoned. But he quickly finds out over the course of the day that his demons are always going to be with him, and "who he is" and "what he does" are forever linked.


JFH: Justice for Hire - Retribution Task Force (2014)

Directed by Aurore Barry and Jan Lucanus
Writers: Aurore Barry
Genre: Action, Adventure


Based on the most downloaded mixed martial arts comic book series, "JFH: Justice For Hire", this Kickstarter-funded short film takes the heroes of "JFH" to Papua New Guinea on a mission to help a native save his sister from a notorious Raskol Gang. Inspired by the real events in Port Moresby, PNG, currently considered the world's bloodiest city. Written by Trailer Description


Friendship Never Dies (2010)

Directed by Kirill Yusim

Witer: Kirill Yusim
Genre: Mockumentary


A thrilling comedy  about friendship that will make you laugh FOREVER.


Minor Cuts & Major Abrasions (2005)

Directed by Nicholas Dunlevy

Writer: Nicholas Dunlevy
Genre: Drama


A story about one person's fruitful, if not nightmarish imaginations... Creating and drawing from what surrounds them in life and work.